Tips for Comparing Aged Care Facilities

Posted on 15/09/2014 by ACV Staff. 1 comment so far.

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Tips for Comparing Aged Care Facilities

Finding the right aged care provider can be stressful, time consuming and expensive.

It's important the one you choose is comfortable, suits lifestyle and provides all necessary features and services.

When comparing different aged care facilities, there are many things to consider to ensure you make the right decision.


Location to friends, families and amenities is often top of mind when moving. Loneliness and depression can strike when life slows down so it can be especially important for loved ones to be within reach when moving into an aged care home.

Depending on individual circumstances, the convenience of an aged care facility's location to shops, doctors, churches and other community services, and its proximity to different transport options may need to be taken into account.


Private rooms and communal areas, and the quality of outdoor living spaces and gardens make a huge difference to residents' comfort and lifestyle.

It's important that areas are accessible to allow freedom of movement. Ensuring the safety of the site can help give peace of mind.


Aged care residents' may have fragile or particular health circumstances that require special attention. Making sure residents have access to the programs they need when they need them can help narrow the pool of potential aged care facilities.

Some requirements may include rehabilitation, post-acute care and palliative care as well as exercise programs, therapies and massage.


Food is important to wellbeing and also quality of life.

Assessing menu options, the availability of additional food services and whether special food preferences can be accommodated may be a major factor in the decision to choose a particular service provider.


Many elderly people want to continue to live an active life in retirement and its important residences provide activities for healthy minds and bodies.

Opportunities for socialising with other residents and the community, and the availability of on-site and off-site activities can vary significantly between aged care facilities.


Meal times, visiting hours and other types of restrictions can be a real drag if they are sprung on residents. Don't forget to check any prospective service provider's rules and terms and conditions!

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staticdream said:

Thank so much for the great info!

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