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Business FAQ - Aged Care View

Business FAQ

Listing information

Are there different levels of advertising options attracting different registration and monthly fees?

Yes. There is a basic listing, a premium virtual tour listing and a premium still image listing. There are two set registration and recurring fees for the premium virtual tour listing and the premium still image listing. The basic listing is free.

How much exposure will our facility get online?

Aged Care View uses a unique system that results in equal exposure of your listing with all other listings matching your services and location. This is done using a rotation system. Premium listings rotate amongst each other above the basic listings. The basic listings rotate amongst each other below the premium listings. That way Aged Care View offers equal exposure without the need to pay unnecessary fees to jump the queue (which is often short lived). Premium listings will always be on the first page of a search for your location and service offerings.

What if our facility requires additional exposure?

If your facility wants extra exposure you can access the exclusive slideshow on the homepage. Read more under special features or contact ACV to find out more.

Can you tell me about the basic listings?

A basic listing is FREE. No registration or monthly fees apply. Aged Care View may have already created a basic listing for you. A basic listing advises users of a facilities services and contact information. These listings will appear in the relevant search results, placed below the premium listings. All facilities that have a basic listing on the website will also be a part of the relevant A-Z list of facilities. This is the only up to date A-Z list of facilities available on the internet. Individuals and professionals can refer to this list, providing quick and easy access to useful contact details.

Basic listings are not able to make use of the special features offered by Aged Care View. If you wish to update the details or upgrade your listing please contact us via the "advertise with us" enquiry form on the website.

Can you tell me about the premium listings?

The premium listings, including the premium virtual tour and the premium still shot listing are paid listings. These advertisers have access the wide range of features offered to them by Aged Care View. Naturally, these listings have a higher level of exposure than the basic listings.

The difference between the two premium listing options is that one offers a virtual tour and one offers still shots only.

There are only a small percentage of premium still shot listings available per local government area. This is because virtual tours are the predominant feature of Aged Care View.

What is the registration fee?

The registration fee is a one-off fee and covers the cost of taking the photographs of your facility. It covers the costs involved in the editing of these images and the time involved in putting together the virtual tours ready for the website. It also covers the development of your listing including the text content and applying the relevant features to your listing.

What are the recurring fees?

Recurring fees are the ongoing advertising charges to keep your registration with Aged Care View active. Aged Care View offer affordable rates with flexible payment options. We are committed to offering a value for money service with no fuss, hidden extras, or complicated agreements.

Does Aged Care View offer group discounts?

Yes! Aged Care View like many businesses do believe in group discounts.

The one-off registration fee must be payed however by each facility upon registration.

Contact Aged Care View to discuss what we can do for your business.

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Virtual tours

Can you tell me more about Aged Care Views' virtual tours?

Aged Care View are specialists in the creation of online, aged care virtual tours. The tours are created solely for use on the Aged Care View website. Aged Care Views' virtual tours, like all professional virtual tours, are photographic based virtual tours. The virtual tours are created using still images. The still images are professionally stitched together using computer software creating a panoramic image or "unbroken view" of a room. Then, with the use of specialised virtual tour software, the virtual tours are created.

Virtual tours are not the same as a video tour. A video tour is a full motion video of a location, where video recording equipment is required. The videographer takes the footage while walking through a location. With a virtual tour, photographic shots are taken from a central point within a room. This results in a more static wrap-around feel. This makes taking the footage for our virtual tours much less intrusive that a video tour. It only takes 1 minute or so to capture the footage for each room. One photographer, one camera, no fuss.

What are the benefits of using virtual tours to promote aged care?

  • Promote your facility online 24 hours a day
  • Save time, resources and money by reducing the need of doing unnecessary onsite tours
  • A great referral point and resource for facilities to direct appropriate enquiries
  • Continuous access for users allowing them to refresh their memory of a facilities space, features and decor
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The registration process

What are the steps involved to register our facility with Aged Care View?

  1. Initial enquiries should be directed to Aged Care View via the online "advertise with us" enquiry form. An Aged Care View consultant will then respond promptly to your enquiry.
  2. A consultant will discuss your advertising needs and the different options available to you.
  3. If you wish to register, our photographer will contact you directly to arrange a suitable time to take the images of your facility.
  4. An Aged Care View consultant will arrange to visit you once the decision has been made that you wish to register. During this consultation, we further discuss your advertising needs and agree on the rooms you wish to capture. The Aged Care View consultant will provide you with information to help you to prepare for your photo shoot. Any paperwork will also be finalised during this consultation.
  5. Your photographer will come prepared and take the images as agreed in the consultation.
  6. Once your listing has been created, you will be provided with login details to securely view your virtual tour and listing information. You will have the opportunity to request changes before signing off on your listing.
  7. You will receive correspondence informing you what date your listing will go live as well as your user name and password for the My business centre.
  8. Your listing goes live.

The process is very simple and takes 7-10 working days from the time your photographer visits to the "go live" date.

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Special features

My business centre and managing your account

The "My business centre" is for registered advertisers. This is your online portal to manage your account; including updating vacancies and viewing your statistics.

As an individual facility you will be provided with a username and password which you can use to manage your account and access all the special features offered to you by Aged Care View. You can change your login details via this online portal.

As a group you need to assign an account manager. The account manager oversees all listings that are a part of the group of registered facilities. As the account manager, depending on how your organisation operates, you may be responsible for managing all listings linked to the one account. Alternatively, you may assign this task to individual facility employees (in which case you simply need to provide them with the login details). There is only one username and password applied to each account. Whoever uses these details to login will be able to view and access each facility registered to this account.

We can add additional email addresses to your account to ensure the right staff are receiving correspondence from Aged Care View.

Vacancies register

Aged Care Views' vacancy register is hassle free for aged care providers. As the account manager, you will be reminded weekly to update your vacancies. If for whatever reason you are unable to update your vacancies, then automatically your status will flick to "vacancies may be available". This approach is less demanding for group managers while at the same time our vacancies register remains as accurate as possible.

View statistics

The view statistics feature allows you to see how many people have clicked onto your listing.

Virtual tours give users a real and specific reason to view your listing. Aged Care View is happy for you to view these statistics whenever you please.

Floorplan feature

The floorplan feature is unique to Aged Care View. Your facility can choose to incorporate this feature into your listing for an additional fee. This is a one-off fee paid on registration.

The floorplan feature is very useful to users seeking aged care accommodation. It allows users to see where the different rooms and facility features are in comparison to each other. No different to buying a house, the layout of a facility is important to many people.

Exclusive slideshow

The exclusive slide show is a special feature on the home page of Aged Care View. It displays a range of images of your facility as well as your facility name and location. All visitors to the Aged Care View website are exposed to this slideshow, generating more interest for your facility and what it can offer individuals seeking aged care accommodation.

The exclusive slideshow is available to all advertisers, including those not registered with Aged Care view. Advertisers not registered with Aged Care View who wish to access this space need to provide their own images for the exclusive slideshow. For registered Aged Care View advertisers, we can use the professional images taken of your facility upon registration. Contact Aged Care view to find out more. This space can be hired from 1 week and up to 4 weeks and is billed weekly.

Online enquiries and more

Receive direct online enquires from potential residents to your nominated email address.

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What information does Aged Care View offer to the community?

Comprehensive aged care information and resources

Aged Care View provides comprehensive and up to date information about aged care accommodation. This includes general information, processes, costs and a range of resources for online users.

Industry news

Aged Care View keeps the public informed on what is going on in the aged care industry. Individuals can post comments and share these articles with relatives, family and friends via social media services including Facebook and Twitter.

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My admin

What features does the "My admin" centre offer to online users who are seeking aged care accommodation and support?

The "My admin" feature is for individuals who sign up as a member. This allows them to save a short list for future reference. They can also choose to receive email notifications when new facilities register in their area of interest.

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